FJHS Class of 1959 60th Reunion  Survey Results    
July, 2017              
Classmate           Paid for:
Last Name First Name Yes No Maybe Comments 50th 55th
Adamski Tom Yes     prefers outside event; feedback on school event not good Yes Yes
Bankle Bob Yes     prefers School Yes Yes
Bless Kevin Yes     no cafeteria food Yes Yes
Cappello John Yes       Yes Yes
Carroll Frank Yes       No No
Check Bob Yes       Yes Yes
Cianfrani Charlie Yes     Classy outside venue Yes Yes
Clemente Henry   No     No No
DeMuro Paul   No   Health Issues (Stroke and seizure) No No
Deskiewicz Al Yes     good website suggestions Yes Yes
Dwyer Jim Yes       No Yes
Feighan Ed Yes       Yes No
Frunzi George     Maybe   Yes No
Gallagher Eddie T  Yes     will help Yes Yes
Gould Tom     Maybe   Yes No
Griffin Myles Yes       Yes Yes
Guiniven John Yes     Saturday lunch No Yes
Hepp Bill Yes       Yes Yes
Herron Dick Yes     will help Yes Yes
Hoyt Don Yes       Yes Yes
Kedra Marty     Maybe Don't fly anymore No No
Kern Tom Yes       No No
Malone Joe Yes       No No
McBlain Ed Yes     go with best deal; Sept/Oct lunch OK No Yes
McElhaugh Bill Yes     late Sept/early Oct lunch Yes Yes
McFadden Jack Yes       Yes Yes
McInerney Leo Yes     Lunch In School on Saturday Yes Yes
McKernan Joe Yes       Yes Yes
Mitchell Bill Yes     will help Yes Yes
Murphy Gene Yes     will help Yes Yes
Murphy Jim Yes     brunch Yes Yes
Nowakowski Tom Yes       Yes Yes
Nulty Jim Yes       Yes Yes
O'Brien Bill Yes       Yes Yes
O'Neill Kevin Yes     before Oct 3 Yes Yes
Palagruto Vince Yes       Yes No
Pizzo Tony Yes       No Yes
Riener John Yes       No No
Ryan Tom Yes     Saturday brunch Yes Yes
Schneider Phillip Yes       Yes No
Schwegel Ray Yes     prefers school; contacting Mission  BBQ; helped on 55th  Yes Yes
Serfass Rich Yes     will help Yes Yes
Sherretta Rich Yes     not doing DJ anymore Yes No
Shields Jack Yes     in Stone Harbor at Sept Yes Yes
Smith Jerry Yes     cottage green would work Yes No
Smyth Bob     Maybe   No No
Springer Joe Yes       Yes Yes
Uzelmeier Chris Yes     Prefer Outside Venue Yes Yes
Vanderneut Dick Yes     prefers the school gym No Yes
Vanderslice John Yes     late Sept; in shore during summer Yes Yes
Vernon Bill Yes       Yes Yes
Wachowski Matt Yes       Yes Yes
Wallace Mike Yes       Yes Yes
55   49 2 4   41 39