Fellow FJHS 1959 Classmates:

August 2, 2018

It’s time to begin actively planning our 60th Reunion for next year. Can you believe it! We will be 60 years out of high school!

I’ve reactivated our Class of 1959 Reunion Website. The domain address is www.1959fjhs60reunion.com Please bookmark this address for quick future reference. I’ve left some information on the website concerning our 55th reunion participation so you can see where we are coming from. Please have a look at the website and let me know if there are other features you would like to see included. There’s a Photo tab to post some recent pictures of yourselves.

Results from last summer’s email survey of interest in having a 60th reunion are posted on the website. Many thanks to the 54 responses received from the 132 email addresses I have on record. Last year I merged my alumni database with that of the school to get the best communications list we can; we will do the same next year before sending out announcements. The school will do mailouts and I will do emails. 48 of the 54 survey responses were positive on a 60th reunion. As you might expect, most of these respondents attended previous class reunions. So this represents a solid base for a 60th event. We ended up with 70 paid classmates and 106 total paid guests at our 55th, and I would hope for similar attendance at our 60th.

My strong preference at this point is to return to The Cottage Green with a lunch event in late September, 2019. Reasons for this are: 1) we had a positive experience there in 2014; 2) the location is well situated; 3) they offer a full catering, fairly priced buffet menu and services; 4) survey results support this choice; 5) the Class of 1958, after fully researching other outside venues as well as the high school itself, have also selected Cottage Green as well for their 60th Reunion on Saturday, October 20, 2018. I keep in contact with Jerry Scalley of the Class of 1958 who is coordinating their event to swap information on planning. Some of you have expressed an interest in having the Reunion event in the high school. School administration has made a push to have reunion events there, and it has nostalgic value. However, they must bring in all necessary support functions such as caterer, bar, seating, and staff and as a result their cost is significantly higher (roughly $70 vs. 40 per person). I believe this would adversely affect our attendance. We can add a morning visit to the school before the reunion event as we did for our 50th and 55th reunions for those who would like to experience a visit. The school also requires all payments be made through the Friends of Father Judge, so we would lose control over making a contribution to the school with any leftover funds after all bills are paid as we have done for our 50th and 55th reunions. The website has a tab for the gift we made in 2014.  A benefit of funneling payments through The Friends of Father Judge is that they are a tax exempt organization and the state sales tax would be waived. However, Cottage Green is offering a 10% discount if we have an identified retired policeman in attendance. Frank Flicker of Class of 1958 is playing this role for their upcoming event.  I ask that one of you step forward for our class so we can enjoy this cost savings.

Begin talking up our 60th Reunion with other classmates. Encourage them to get on board. I will soon publish on the website the street address contact information I have on record. If you see someone missing who you know, please let me know. The “In Memorium” list on the website is up to date as far as I know.

 Please get back to me with any thoughts or comments you have at this point. You may call me at 936-449-5198 or email me at uzel106@consolidated.net.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Reunion next year.

Chris Uzelmeier