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Regrets from Jim Comerford
So sorry that I can't attend the reunion. Please know I am thinking of all of you from here in lovely Indianapolis. Thanks to Chris and others for organizing the reunion and especially for this web...
Last Post: Sep 15th 2009
Author: jpcomerford
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Still Hanging In There
Not many 59 graduates could of caught this but the Memorium Hot Link showed 91 about a month ago adding Frank Joyce. A couple weeks later removed his name. We were Co-Captains of the 59 FJ X COUNTRY...
Last Post: Aug 11th 2009
Author: bmcelhaugh
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St Matthews 1955 8th grade graduation photo
Scanned this photo in two parts to get it all. This is part 1
Last Post: May 13th 2009
Author: cgaspero
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St Matthews 1955 8th grade graduation photo Part 2
This part two of the large photo.
Last Post: Mar 12th 2009
Author: cgaspero
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St Matthews 1955 8th Gradution Class
Last Post: Mar 12th 2009
Author: cgaspero
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St. Dominic Grads
I was wondering if any of the St. Dominic parish 1955 eighth grade grads would like to have a min-reunion with the guys and gals of the 1955 class some time in 2009. Obviously, we have a base of the...
Last Post: Mar 7th 2009
Author: jvc689
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Event Atteendees
Will we see a list of events with attendees? Remember we are old and forget what we signed up for.
Last Post: Mar 4th 2009
Author: vpalagruto
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looking forward to seeing all my friends from judge at the re-union
Last Post: Feb 28th 2009
Author: huston
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James M. Dwyer
Jimmy's been incarcerated in Federal Prison for 44 months. He has 64 more to go. See Or make inquiries to me,
Last Post: Feb 26th 2009
Author: Jimmurphy
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St. Dominic's Reunion
I would be interested in a mini reunion.
Last Post: Feb 18th 2009
Author: galantfr
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The 45th Reuion
I was asked to dj that event,which also included St Hubert,s ,I was glad to see alot of guys and gals iknew, i will not dj this event because I want to spend this time talking to fellow grad, Dick...
Last Post: Feb 15th 2009
Author: mrrichdj
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Thank You Chris!
I am thrilled to have this site on which to express my gratitude to Chris for his labors in our regard.

Last Post: Feb 13th 2009
Author: Jimmurphy
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